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Saving Woes Begone! Easy and Simple Savings Tricks for You to Try

“I want to save money!” This is a sentence that many of us utter repeatedly in our lifetime. While everyone wants to save, many find it incredibly hard to do so. Today, let’s take a look at some easy and simple savings tricks you can try out.


Pay Bills in a Timely Manner

21 - Saving Woes Begone! Easy and Simple Savings Tricks for You to Try

While you may think that this is a odd way to broach the topic of saving money, you would be surprised on what this can do for your finances. When you are quite prompt at paying your utilities, you more or less get an idea of how much you spend toward it. This provides you a better idea of how much you have left over.

If you do not have anything left over, this would be the time to reassess your utilities and monthly bills. Which ones are you excessive with? Knowing where your money is going is a great way to assess how you can channel your funds better.


“Invisible” Money

22 - Saving Woes Begone! Easy and Simple Savings Tricks for You to Try

This is one of the favorite trends of 2017 and since it did help so many people, why not carry it over? This works by designating a particular denomination to be ‘invisible’. For example, you choose $50 as your ‘invisible’ money. When you get your hands on any $50, you set it aside rather than spending it. You need to show a bit of willpower on this one. Every note of the chosen ‘invisible’ money must be put aside. The best thing is that you get to choose the duration of your invisible money method. You can choose to try it out for three months and extend it if it works for you.

Most of us have personally tried this method and we have to say it really works. While it can be hard sometimes, just stick to it and you would be surprised at how much you end up pooling together at the end of the time period.


Bottom Line

The ability to save money is not some arbitrary skill that you can pick up and toss whenever you like. It is actually a very vital skill if you want to reach financial success and independence. Many of those that struggle with debt often find themselves in such a situation because they did not have the foresight to having a bit of savings to help serve as a safety net.

What ways have you employed to try and save money?

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