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Got Debt? Avoid These Three Common Mistakes When Paying It Off

While it would admirable to never accrue debt, it is even more admirable to have debt and pay it off successfully. Today, we take a look at three common mistakes you should avoid when paying off your debt.


Tackling Debt Alone

11 - Got Debt? Avoid These Three Common Mistakes When Paying It Off

Debt is a concept that is often accompanied by shame. As a consequence, a lot of people try to tackle debt alone. Despite feeling overwhelmed or unfamiliar with how to handle debt, they still try to take it on by themselves. A general rule that you should follow in life is this: if you have a problem, seek help. There are so many organizations and people out there who have the information and will that can help you find your way out of a financial hole.


Getting More Debt to Pay off the Old One

12 - Got Debt? Avoid These Three Common Mistakes When Paying It Off

It may seem like a good idea to get another loan just to pay off the existing and pressing debt you have been carrying. From a logical standpoint, this makes very little sense. A lot of debtors will try to suggest that this is what you should do in order to pay off your debt right away. Do not fall for this mistake. There are always better terms to work out. As long as you are willing to face your debt head on, there is no reason why they should pressure you to take out a loan just to pay off an existing debt.


Closing Accounts

13 - Got Debt? Avoid These Three Common Mistakes When Paying It Off

Let’s say that you’ve accrued some credit card debts and managed to pay it off. What would your next move be? A lot of the time, the answer would be to close that account in order to remove temptation—so to speak. However, this affects your credit score a lot negatively than having the actual debt. Having no credit is worse than having bad credit. When you keep the account that you have already paid off, you have a stellar example of not running away from your responsibilities as someone who has borrowed money.


Bottom Line

Debt may often be necessary to take on especially when certain things are truly needed toward an overall better quality of life. When you start paying off your debts it is important that your head is in the right place. While the mistakes we listed above are fairly common, this should not be given a free pass. We hope that you take the pointers we have listed above to heart.

While of the ones above have you personally experienced when you were paying off your debt?

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