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Welcome to Drop Egypt’s Debt. We hope that our message reaches you in good health. As you may be aware, finances often determine the quality of life that we have. As not everyone is lucky enough to have certain privileges like expensive education or even the full opportunity to study—not everyone is afforded a chance to obtain good jobs.

Even when you do happen to be given the best education money can buy, personal choices can still lead you down to the road of debt and mismanaged finances.


This Is Where We Come In

If you have ever felt at a loss regarding your financial literacy or how to handle debt, our team of financial experts can help light the way for you. Led by Charles Febus and his extensive professional experiences in personal finance, he has over twenty years of professional experience in the financial market.

From there, he decided to put together a small team of financial gurus that have financial literacy on the brain. This website is the culmination of that particular think tank. Our readers can expect to read on about how to suitably handle finances, get out of debt, and stay out of debt for good.